Subject: [SDL] Output to PAL TV problem (Mac OS X)

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Thu Jan 23 17:37:00 PST 2003

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>> What is the problem? A few weekends ago I used my Radeon PCI to watch
>> video on my TV using Mplayer, and had no problems. It was NTSC though.
>> This doesn't seem like a bug in SDL, rather a problem with your video
>> card or driver (SDL doesn't know/care about PAL or NTSC).
> I have a Rage128 8MB (TiBook 500).
> If I set the PAL TV as primary monitor, Mplayer refuses to launch any 
> movies
> what so ever.
> If I set the TV as "slave", I can manually drag the movie over to the 
> TV and
> the movies plays fine, but I can't set it to be full screen.
> If I set the LCD as primary, and play a movie full screen, and while 
> the
> movie is playing changes the TV to be primary, Mplayer (I guess) 
> changes the
> TV output to NTSC...
> It works fine as long the as the TV output is set to NTSC, the problem 
> only
> occurs when it is set to PAL (when is kinda frustrating when my TV is 
> PAL :)

You might try playing with the -monitoraspect and -screenw, -screenh 
options. Mplayer might be trying to use a resolution that PAL doesn't 
support, so it fails rather than picking another resolution. When I was 
using it, I set the aspect to 1.5 to get it to use the 720x480 instead 
of 640x480 (in fullscreen mode).

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