[SDL] feasibility of a bootable linux cdrom with a game in SDL

Daniel Phillips phillips at arcor.de
Thu Jan 23 09:20:01 PST 2003

On Thursday 23 January 2003 17:07, Eike Sauer wrote:
> > > hmm...do you guys think people would be very willing to reboot their
> > > computer to play your game?  lots of people like chatting on
> > > aim, listening to mp3s etc while playing games and that
> > > would make it impossible.
> PS: As I'm playing on windows and doing everything else with linux,
> I do reboot for playing games. But I don't know if "people" will like
> it, too. :o)

While Microsoft is busy turning consoles into PC's, Pallier Christophe is 
equally busy turning PC's into consoles.  :-)

My experience with Knoppix CDs is that pretty well everybody you show the 
disk to wants to put it in their PC and boot it.  Anyway, as I recall from my 
Windows years, rebooting gets to be a perfectly normal thing, something like 
adjusting the brightness control.

The big feature of Knoppix is that, once you're running on the CD, you can 
make the install "real", effortlessly, after you already know everything's 
working.  This goes a long way towards reducing stress and uncertainty.  
There's no reason to restrict this idea to the base OS: once you're already 
running the game and want it permanently on your system, wave your hands and 
make it so.  Even bring the game state across so you can boot back to your 
native OS and continue where you were.  With a little extra effort, 
installing to Windows could be supported as well as to Linux.

I think this is an extremely worthwhile project, and as a few people said 
earlier, do take a look at Knoppix; tracking that project will save a whole 
lot of effort.



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