Subject: [SDL] Output to PAL TV problem (Mac OS X)

Franck Roussel Rasmussen franck at
Thu Jan 23 09:09:01 PST 2003

> What is the problem? A few weekends ago I used my Radeon PCI to watch
> video on my TV using Mplayer, and had no problems. It was NTSC though.
> This doesn't seem like a bug in SDL, rather a problem with your video
> card or driver (SDL doesn't know/care about PAL or NTSC).

I have a Rage128 8MB (TiBook 500).

If I set the PAL TV as primary monitor, Mplayer refuses to launch any movies
what so ever. 

If I set the TV as "slave", I can manually drag the movie over to the TV and
the movies plays fine, but I can't set it to be full screen.

If I set the LCD as primary, and play a movie full screen, and while the
movie is playing changes the TV to be primary, Mplayer (I guess) changes the
TV output to NTSC...

It works fine as long the as the TV output is set to NTSC, the problem only
occurs when it is set to PAL (when is kinda frustrating when my TV is PAL :)


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