[SDL] pixels vs blit

Anatoly R. emulynx at delfi.lv
Thu Jan 23 02:30:01 PST 2003

Hello James,

Wednesday, January 22, 2003, 2:29:42 PM, you wrote:

JE> Doesn't that mean that you can't draw text in different colours though?
JE> (Not the original question I know, but still of interest maybe.)

JE> Unless you can somehow apply a bitmask while blitting. If your font was
JE> stored as white (0xFFFFFF),  you could AND with 0xFF0000 while blitting to
JE> get red text, for example. Is this possible? Otherwise, how would you draw
JE> text of arbitrary colours without plotting pixels individually?

Yes, that's the only problem I'm aware of. However I don't need
multiple font colors right now so I'm thinking what should I do...

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