[SDL] Demo glitch

Atrix Wolfe atrix2 at cox.net
Wed Jan 22 15:29:01 PST 2003


<> makes the compiler look in the standard include directories (where
stdio.h  etc is).

"" is used for custom include directories  (dependant on compiler settings).
If you set /include/sdl (whatever your include path is + /sdl/) to be a
custom include path, "sdl.h" will be found there.

you could do <SDL/SDL.h> *IF* you put the sdl include directory in the same
directory where stdio.h etc is but depending on OS and personal preferances,
it might not be wise to put the SDL directory there.  thats why "sdl.h" is
the way to go, that way its up to the individual where they want the SDL
include directory to reside.

make sense?

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