[SDL] Help with SDL inside QT

Brad Pepers brad at linuxcanada.com
Tue Jan 21 16:00:01 PST 2003

> Nope, I can't think of any simple way to do that.
> You might be able to convince Qt to use an existing SDL window as a
> toplevel widget... ?

I think I can call create(wid, false, true) in a QWidget constructor to make 
it use an existing window id.  How do I get the window id from SDL though?

Of course this would likely all end up being really platform specific as well 
which is something I want to ignore so perhaps its just best to figure out a 
good SDL GUI library to use and dump Qt.  But thought I'd see how far I can 
get with mixing SDL and Qt!

Brad Pepers
brad at linuxcanada.com

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