[SDL] Help with SDL inside QT

Julien Pauty jpauty at irisa.fr
Tue Jan 21 00:44:03 PST 2003

Many thanks,

I have also tried to do such a thing, but never managed to do it. It will
be really useful (at least for me !).

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> > I'm trying to use SDL to update a Qt widget. So i tried the window id
> > hack, but I wasn't successfull and I can't find help anywhere. What I
> > 1. made the qwidget
> > 2. got its window id (with the winId() method)
> > 3. used the id to set SDL_WINDOWID env variable
> > 4 tried to use SDL on that window.
> Since this is asked so often it qualifies as a FAQ, but nobody has ever
> answered it, I took a crack at it myself with your steps as a starting
> point (thanks!) :)
> And... I got it!
> The attached archive builds a simple Qt application qtSDL, which creates
> SDL "screen" widget, and if sample.bmp resides in the current directory,
> blits that to the center of the widget.  This screen widget correctly
> resizing, paint events, and drawing interactions with Qt.  Note that SDL
> longer handles events for the screen at this point, so you'll have to do
> your actions based on Qt signals.
> I've only tested this with Qt 3.0 on X11.
> If the attachment gets munged, you can find this at:
> http://www.libsdl.org/cvs/qtSDL.tar.gz
> See ya!
> -Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

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