[SDL] act as one form

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Sun Jan 19 10:10:01 PST 2003

Sometimes takes awhile to get a decent response, unforunately.  I'll do my best...

Blake D wrote:

> Hello,
>   Is there no way to display your sdl surface on a form that you create with
> another tool?? :(

There is no way to do this that is standard, crossplatform, and/or stable.  SDL is simply not designed to co-exist inside something
else's window, it makes it's OWN window.  That said, there are a variety of GUI libraries for SDL you can find on
www.libsdl.org/libraries.php to do GUI stuff within your SDL window...

http://free.prohosting.com/~paranoiz/coding.html#GMLib - GUI/sound/input lib
http://www.libsdl.org/projects/GUIlib - Simple C++/SDL-based GUI library, easily modifiable.
http://libufo.sourceforge.net/ - A crossplatform OpenGL-based GUI written under SDL
http://libuta.sourceforge.net/ - C++ GUI toolkit
http://www.paragui.org/ - A truly deluxe C++ SDL-based GUI library.
http://www.newimage.com/~rhk/SDL_gui/ - Yet another C++ widget library

> Also no one on here has answered my original email about this from last night yet, won't anyone help out a person new to the sdl?

Sometimes takes time to get a reasonable response..  we don't live in this list, afterall.  ;)

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