[SDL] Keyboard Event Oddity

Chuck Mason cem1834 at garnet.acns.fsu.edu
Sat Jan 18 07:49:00 PST 2003

Hello SDL-users, I have an odd situation at hand.

I'm writing an application that allows users to press combinations of
keys simultaneously...I'm running into an error where SDL won't catch
all the keys: for example

I pressed the backquote, get keysym=96 sent to SDL_KEYDOWN.
I let go.

I pressed the letter a, get keysym=97 sent to SDL_KEYDOWN
I let go.

I pressed the letter w, get keysym=119 sent to SDL_KEYDOWN.
I let go.

Next, when I press and hold A, then W and then I try to pressed the
backquote, either SDL_KEYDOWN doesn't get an event - or - the event
occurs with the keysym 0.

Does anyone know why this happens? Yet even better, how do I fix this?
Or..maybe it's an SDL "quality."


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