[SDL] DGA Myths

Rafa³ Bursig bursig at poczta.fm
Fri Jan 17 09:44:01 PST 2003

Dnia 2003.01.16 19:35 Patrick McFarland napisa³(a):
> Maybe this should be added to the FAQ.
> 1q) Does DGA require root?
> 1a) Yes. It either requires being root, having permissions to access
>       /dev/mem, having the application in question owned by root
>       and have the setuid bit set in the permissions.
>       (Being root, being able to do stuff usually only root can,
>        or setting an application setuid root are
>       all major security risks are not recommended.)

What ( where ) should be done in : SDL, X , KERNEL, to fix it ?

I think that best solution will be when we can set access to DGA in 
XFConfig file like to DRI.


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