[SDL] optimized drawing methods(OT)

Daniel Phillips phillips at arcor.de
Thu Jan 16 21:19:00 PST 2003

On Friday 17 January 2003 03:21, Neil Bradley wrote:
> The ancient "IBM baggage" is and has been for years attached to what is
> referred to as a "South bridge" chip that parks itself on the PCI bus, so
> all one would need to do is remove it - not redesign it. Yes, even those
> motherboards with an ISA bus are just ISA->PCI bridge chips.
> All personal computers follow the CPU/front side bus/PCI buses memory
> architecture, and even if you redesigned it, it'd still wind up being a
> variation of that architecture.

Well, I suppose this is getting a little off-topic, but AMD's Hammer 
completely redefines that architecture, and it is not a variation.  The north 
bridge's bridging function is replaced by Hypertransport, and the processor 
intefaces directly to memory without the overhead of any bridge at all.  So 
the north bridge is completely gone (along with one fan, a small mercy).  It 
remains to be seen how well Hammers play with AGP, which, like the PCI, is 
connected via hypertransport.



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