[SDL] Re: Qtopia patches (input grabbing and iconify)

Bernd Lachner blachner at gmx.de
Mon Jan 27 11:50:01 PST 2003

On Thursday, January 16, 2003, at 03:01  PM, "Mark Whittemore" 
<markw at on2.com> wrote:

> OS X (executable) SDL app ... Window starts up not active ?
> What can I do about this ?=20
> I didn't notice this until after I stopped running via Metrowerks =
> debugger/IDE and started running as a command-line app.

When we first ran SDL with 10.2, there was this problem with the 
keyboard focus not being given to the window if the app was run from 
the command line (putting it inside a .app bundle worked fine, 
however). This seems like the same problem, though I don't recall the 
window starting up inactive. Can the window be activated by clicking on 

Anyways, the fix was to hack the process manager to force the 
application into the foreground, and this was added to SDLMain.m. Look 
for "CPS" in that file to see if you have the new version. If not, 
you'll want to grab the new one from CVS.

If your app is CFM/Carbon this is probably a related issue that would 
have to be addressed in the Carbon port.

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