[SDL] SDL and Interl 845G hardware Blit?

Tony Wu tony at sonowise.com
Mon Jan 27 11:29:00 PST 2003

> I get an odd picture of the inside of a x86 PC, sometimes...  superfast
> processors looking on forlornly, strangled to a standstill by a billion
> peripherals working at cross-purposes; a mini ecosystem in silicon...
> I'm more of a PC lover than anybody, but even I'm wondering if it's time
> to drop the ancient IBM baggage and design a better system from scratch.

The ancient "IBM baggage" is and has been for years attached to what is
referred to as a "South bridge" chip that parks itself on the PCI bus, so
all one would need to do is remove it - not redesign it. Yes, even those
motherboards with an ISA bus are just ISA->PCI bridge chips.

All personal computers follow the CPU/front side bus/PCI buses memory
architecture, and even if you redesigned it, it'd still wind up being a
variation of that architecture.


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