[SDL] optimized drawing methods(OT)

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Thu Jan 16 17:43:01 PST 2003

Daniel Phillips wrote:

> This isn't quite accurate either.  If rendering is done to main memory but a
> hardware-accelerated blit to the graphics memory is available that uses DMA
> over AGP and runs in the background, then the CPU will scarcely notice the
> massive blits taking place at all.  However, getting all those things to come
> true at once has proved to be something of a nightmare, as there are many
> ways for subsystems to drop the ball due to configuration mistakes,
> unimplemented features, or even design errors.
> For example, AGP 8X provides 2.1 GB/sec bandwidth, while blitting 70 FPS,
> 1600x1200, 32 bit color requires only a little over half a GB/sec.  So if
> software blitting isn't fast as heck on modern hardware, do blame the system
> or the configuration, don't blame the hardware.
> Daniel

Fair enough.  :)

I get an odd picture of the inside of a x86 PC, sometimes...  superfast
processors looking on forlornly, strangled to a standstill by a billion
peripherals working at cross-purposes; a mini ecosystem in silicon...  I'm more
of a PC lover than anybody, but even I'm wondering if it's time to drop the
ancient IBM baggage and design a better system from scratch.

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