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Thu Jan 16 11:34:01 PST 2003

That's gonna be tricky...

1)  SDL isn't designed for that.  It's designed to set video
modes/windows, blit graphics, handle audio, and do kb/mouse/joystick
2)  SDL is crossplatform, theoretically letting you compile an identical
program unmodified on dozens of platforms;  naturally, that means a lot
of data hiding so only the SDL code itself is dependent on system-level
stuff.  Though SDL still allows you some access to window-level stuff if
you really really want to.

Right now, this seems to boil down to a chicken-or-the-egg problem..
which comes first, SDL or MFC?  Can one feed a plain-vanilla window
handle into an MFC class and generate an MFC window with it?  Or do we
have to create a MFC window first, and feed it's window handle into SDL
somehow?  Either way, it won't be pretty.

If it gets done, though...  that would be REALLY COOL.  :)

"Robert H. Oujesky" wrote:

> Warning!Newbie questions follow

> Does a tutorial, article, or example exist using SDL and MFC Multi
> Document Interface (Doc/View) together?I am not concerned about the
> cross-platform capabilities of SDL, but I do what I have seen of the
> library.I am completely confused as to how to map the Surface to a
> Cview.
> This is not for a game, it would be a graphics viewer.
> Thanx
> Robert H. Oujesky
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