[SDL] OpenGL in fbcon

AGD agd13 at abv.bg
Sat Jan 25 20:19:01 PST 2003

On 16-Jan-2003, Corona688 wrote:
> The theory of double-buffering, afaik, is you've got two backbuffers that get
> swapped in their totality every screen update.  When done in hardware, this is
> extremely fast - the video card simply changes which video surface it's
> displaying - no blitting at all.  In software, however, it's excruciatingly
> slow... it has to copy one of the backbuffers in it's entirety to the actual
> buffer on every SDL_Flip() call.

Its closer to two buffers, and which one is front and back changes on flip.
(Semantics, yes, I know. But its important to get something like this right.)
And afaik, software isnt that much slower, but I wouldnt want to be doing
640x480x32bit blitting....

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