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Gib Bogle bogle at ihug.co.nz
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Temporary Solution (May work - Or I guess you've already tried

Login as root, set an enviornment variable
Run program

More permanent solutions:

1. SDL can use other libraries such as SVGALIB, GGI etc as
drivers, so you can install these libraries and then recompile
SDL with the support enabled. See SDL website www.libsdl.org for
detailed info on this. There is an SDL tutorial - I think it
gives some information on this.

2. Use SDL with openGL. That way if you have installed nvidia
driver, your code will run very fast. But you will now have to
use openGL stuff, and usual SDL Blitting functions should be

Games like FAKK2 use openGL.


On 15 Jan 2003, Bettina Rathmann wrote:

> Hi all,
> (RT2, Heretic, F.A.K.K 2, HoMM3), I honestly thought that everything was
> accelerated. However, as I was blitting more and more data (at
> 800x600/16bpp) the programme was becoming slower and slower, so I finlly
> checked the Driver name and acceration status: X11 and nothing
> accelrated. 
> So I
>  - did have a look at the recent SDL Mailing archive (January and
>    december) - no clues found
> Thanks for any hints or tips and don't hesitate to ask, if you need
> further information...
> Bettina


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