[SDL] Querying desktop resolution

Ray Skoog fsras at uaf.edu
Mon Jan 13 17:51:01 PST 2003

I've been trying to find ways to query the desktop resolution of various 
OS's so that an SDL app can be launched in an optimally-sized window. 
 I'm somewhat surprised to see that SDL doesn't offer any way to do 
this, and that apparently noone has said anything about it within the 
past 11,000 messages or so.  Would anyone else find this to be a useful 

Anyway, wandering off the topic of SDL, does anyone know how to do this 
in OSX from a standard C/C++ interface?  I've found objective-C and Java 
functions.  I know how to do it in Windows, and I haven't looked for how 
to do it in X11 environments yet.  Thanks.


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