[SDL] [DEMO] Minimal world engine, updated

Daniel Phillips phillips at arcor.de
Thu Jan 23 15:44:01 PST 2003

Thanks for your note Anatoly!

Yes, I know and I am using SDL_ttf.

But I do not want to write my own RTF/HTML etc. parser 
up to now. I am just hoping maybe someone else had to
do and would provide this.

I just thought it would be related to SDL e.g. like JPG 
is related to SDL (> SDL_Image).

Maybe I will use another tool to automatically create static
bitmaps out of my formatted(rtf/html)-text files. But as this 
would be at least a waste of disc space, I am even not sure if  I 
would have enough place on the end product CD for all this data.


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> Hello Thomas,
> Monday, January 13, 2003, 6:16:47 PM, you wrote:
> TE> Is there some LGPL-library to put out formatted text?
> TE> E.g. some RTF to SDL_Surface "converter"?
> TE> In my app I have to show lots of "infocards" which 
> TE> contain picture and text information about specific topics.
> TE> I would like to store the text (multiline) of every infocard in 
> TE> a separate text file, load it on demand, and show it inside 
> TE> a "text field" with specific position, width, and height.
> Ehm, that doesn't have to do anything with SDL.
> You need to do that yourself. Open a file with text, split it in X
> byte chunks searching for line breaks. Use bfont/sdl_ttf and show
> that stuff on the screen.
> I think SDL_ttf is the thing you are searching for.
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