[SDL] SDL info site

Anatoly R. emulynx at delfi.lv
Mon Jan 13 00:45:01 PST 2003

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to find rules for that mailing list but found none.
I think posting my announcement is fine.

I've opened "SDLx" - SDL related news portal.

Since "libsdl.org" is being updated rarely lately and it doesn't tell
you about new versions of software, rumors and other stuff coming out
I thought it would be nice to open alternative news resource.


There's an article on first page about stuff I'm planning to add to
that portal. If anyone is interested in helping me or has some ideas,
please don't write to mailing list - use comment system on site or
mail directly to me.

http://dotNet.lv                          mailto:emulynx at delfi.lv

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