"OpenMedia" (was: Re: [SDL] SDL License Change: wxWindows LGPL cont.)

Patrick McFarland unknown at panax.com
Sat Jan 11 17:21:00 PST 2003

On 10-Jan-2003, Kai Blin wrote:
> Agreed. We're using a GPL/GFDL dual license model for most of our artwork 
> right now, but it's not easy to fulfill requirements. eg. GFDL requires that 
> the source file is in a "transparent" format, the exact definition of that is 
> somewhat vague. As far as I can tell it should be a format that is open, so 
> anybody can have a viewer for it. wav or ogg make this possible for soundfx 
> and music,  but most 3d people work with programs like 3dsmax that have their 
> own proprietary data formats. and not all standard formats are transparent. 
> jpeg loses quality, and won't save image layers, so it's not transparent.
> What I want to say with this somewhat lenghty explanation is: It's damn hard 
> to find content with a license that has 'an ounce of sense'. :)

xcf (gimp's native format) is open, except not many viewers support it. It also isnt hard to
make a reader for it. Also, in respect to 3D, 3DS may be proprietary, but there is a library out
there (lib3ds) that can load 3ds files into a format you can dump right into opengl and display
right away. (This doesnt include .max, 3dsmax's native format) also iirc crystal space has a
loader for lwo, so two common 3D formats are supported. Also, 3dsmax and lightwave both can
do stuff like the "standard" text format (Im not sure how good it is, though) and stuff like id's
mdl/md2/md3 model mesh formats.

Btw, in a media context, what does GFDL add to just GPLing it?

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