[SDL] sdl GUI libraries in C?

Anatoly R. emulynx at delfi.lv
Fri Jan 10 09:31:01 PST 2003

Hello Rafa³,

Friday, January 10, 2003, 7:07:36 PM, you wrote:

>> are there any sdl gui libraries written in C?  the only ones i see on
>> the library page are in C++.
>> i'm just looking for a menubar...
RB> Hi my name is Rafal Bursig. I'm freeciv developer.
RB> I create own gui system based on sdl but is very simple.
RB> If you want try it simply go to freeciv cvs and look on client/gui-sdl 
RB> dir.
RB> Main files there are gui_stuff.c/h

Any screenshots to look at?

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