[SDL] display change & screensaver

Ignacio Castaño castanyo at yahoo.es
Thu Jan 9 19:58:01 PST 2003

Rob wrote:
> Even though you're using software surfaces, have you possibly initalised
> graphics to use hardware surfaces by default, and maybe some hardware
> surfaces have slipped through?

I open the video mode with the SWSURFACE flag. And I create all the surfaces
with the SWSURFACE flag.

> Sorry, just sounds a lot like the usual hardware surface issue when
> under Windows.

I've tested this with the example apps that come with SDL, and there are
also problems with display change. The screensaver works fine though.

I've also noticed that the screensaver bug does not happen if my app is
minimized when the screensaver starts, and only hanges if it's active. It
seems that this has something to do with direct input, I'm not recieving any
ACTIVEEVENT message when my app looses the focus...

Ignacio Castaño
castanyo at yahoo.es

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