[SDL] SDL License Change: wxWindows LGPL cont.

Kylotan kylotan at kylotan.eidosnet.co.uk
Wed Jan 8 16:42:01 PST 2003

mkee at gonzaga.edu wrote:
>    Furthermore, I would like to point out that a static linkage
> exception for SDL would not stifle the development of SDL, it may in
> fact prove to have the opposite effect.  There are several good open
> source game development packages that currently allow static linkage.

The LGPL already seems to allow static linkage as long as you provide
the appropriate object and source files so that the user is able to
statically link it with a new version of the library. This is perhaps
because your quote from wxWindows said "GNU -Library- General Public
License" and SDL uses the newer "GNU -Lesser- General Public License",
which may well have been updated to reflect this type of issue. Open
Source gurus, is this (anything like) right? I do suggest that you check
the differences between the licenses though, just in case there has been
a significant change that renders this discussion obsolete...

In all fairness though, what you have is an ill-thought out law on one
hand that seeks to remove your rights, and a licensing agreement that
seeks to preserve people's rights on the other hand... it's not the
licensing agreement that's the problem, it's choosing to use media that
is covered by unworkable legislation.

> I respect the argument that was made for allowing the end user to
> reconfigure or update the SDL portion of an application for updated
> system compatibility, but the risk I pointed out may be too great.

If enough people challenge these risks, it makes it easier for such
legislation to be overturned.

> By including 3rd party data into your system / game, the developer
> assumes certain responsibilities to protect that data from all but
> the most dedicated of hackers.

To paraphrase something you said, the key here is that the developer
chose to include that data. You would do better to use content supplied
by people with an ounce of sense, who will already know that no amount
of developer trickery is going to hide those resources adequately.


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