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Bob Pendleton bob at pendleton.com
Wed Jan 8 12:19:00 PST 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 12:30, Adilson Oliveira wrote:
> Bob Pendleton wrote:
> > On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 09:52, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> Hi.
> This is very OT but I had to add my 2 cents on it.

maybe maybe... This IS about the question of changing the SDL license
and why the guy wants it changed. :-)

> > If you buy two VCRs and use them to make copies, you are responsible for
> > the copies you make. But if you manufacture a device that makes it easy
> > to make copies, you may be held responsible for all the illegal copies
> > made using your device, even if you didn't use it to make illegal copies
> > yourself.
> This is just plain stupid. Handguns are made to hurt people and you 
> don't sue the manufacturers. Anyway, I'm not calling *you* stupid, just 
> the idea ;)

In the US gun manufacturers ARE being sued for making guns that kill
people. And that is happening even with a constitutionally guaranteed
right to "bear arms". People are going nuts up here. It is getting
weirder every year. 

The key is that in the US the people who own a lot of copyrights also
have a lot of money and they are scared to death of anything that might
even maybe devalue their copyrights.

> > IMHO if you sue someone and lose, you should have to pay the person you
> > sued at least twice what they spent to defend themselves + the amount
> > you spent to sue them. That would balance things out. But, that is not
> > the way things are. So, right now small businesses have to be very
> > careful about who they piss off.
> Here in Brazil is that way. If you sue someone and lose you will most 
> probably have to pay for the other's part expenses. If can't afford the 
> legal costs, the state provides legal advisers. Of course, one can't 
> expect to get top-of-the-line lawyers this way but at leats you have 
> some way of defend yourself.

It is nice to know that Brazil is so civilized. The US is not. In the US
you get court a appointed lawyer if you are charged with a crime and can
not afford your own lawyer. But, in civil cases, there is no free ride.
You have to pay the whole cost of defending your self. What that means
is that you almost have to file suit against the other guy for filing a
false suit and hope to collect from them that way.

In the US we use the term SLAPP Strategic Lawsuits Against Public
Participation" to describe the use of law suits to stop people from
participating in political actions. But, they are also used as part of
business strategy. Believe me, I have worked places where part of the
business planning process was a review to see if law suits (valid or
not) could be used to reach business goals. Suing competitors and people
who spoke out in favor of competitors is a real part of doing business
for large corporations.

My last word on this:

After thinking about I think it is a very bad idea to change the license
for SDL. But, Sam should clarify his comment on the web site about not
minding if people statically link SDL. As it is the comment is
confusing. And, even more confusing because as far as I can tell it only
applies to the parts of SDL that Sam wrote.

		Bob Pendleton

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