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Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Mon Jan 20 20:46:02 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 14:05, mkee at gonzaga.edu wrote:
>    I would like to suggest that the SDL license be changed from LPGL to LPGL 
> with an embedded use / static object code exception.  I know this sounds 
> bizarre, so before you flame me, please see the wxWindows 
> license: "www.wxwindows.org".  
> To quote a wxWindows distribution:
>  "Most files are distributed under the GNU Library General Public
>   License, version 2, with the special exception that you may create and
>   distribute object code versions built from the source code or modified
>   versions of it (even if these modified versions include code under a
>   different licence), and distribute such binaries under your own
>   terms."
>    On the SDL licensing page, Sam Lantinga has personally stated that he does 
> not care if individuals use SDL for embedded use, so why not make this legal?  
> The wxWindows LPGL embedded license was recently sanctioned by the Open Source 
> Initiative and should in no way stagnate the growth of SDL or allow 
> development to be controlled by third parties.

At first glance this looks like a reasonable request and a good solution
to the problem you have outlined. I personally would like to see the
license changed the way you request. 

But, on reflection, I have to ask what level of protection is good
enough to allow you to avoid being sued? Can you ever release your game
on an open source OS where the end user could modify the sound driver or
the OS and capture the sound effects through them? Or is that hard
enough to be considered "good enough" protection? Can you release your
game on an OS that supports loadable drivers? An end user could write a
driver shim for Windows (IIRC), insert it in the driver stack, and
capture the data. Is that sufficiently hard that it will keep you from
being sued? How do you know what level of protection is good enough to
keep you from being sued?

Your question bring to light a serious problem. I hope we can find a
solution that encourages the use of SDL and the creation and use of open
source software and operating systems. I would hate to see a solution
that only benefits closed source operating systems.

			Bob Pendleton

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