[SDL] Mac OS X multi-monitor losing keyboard input?

Sacha Varma sacha at ssl.co.uk
Sat Jan 18 19:22:01 PST 2003

GNU diff is your friend (and our friend)..

If not that, windiff, if it can save its output in something resembling a
context or unified diff format.

I followed the message, but I could have gotten it a lot faster had you
used a diff format to explain the changes.  I advise keeping this in mind
because Sam's a hell of a lot busier than I am.  A little time spent
downloading and figuring out how to use a good diff tool will save you
time in the future.  More importantly, it will save the users of your
patches time.

Just a suggestion from the peanut gallery.

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 02:07:42PM -0600, Corona688 wrote:
> After downloading the latest win32 SDL_main.c from CVS, I was distressed
> to see that SDL *still* doesn't support console redirection under
> WinCE.  CE is the one platform where file redirection is absolutely
> necessary, because it lacks a console output...  My previous patch for
> this admittedly modified a lot of code;  hopefully this one will be more
> acceptable.
> Instead of adding tons'n'tons of #ifdef _WIN32_WCE blocks, I have one
> #ifdef block that contains a bunch of defines;  a small amount of the
> current code was modified to use these, but on the whole the code's
> nearly exactly the same(except Unicoded under CE.)  Also thought it best
> to typedef the lone "/" to a "\\" for CE, because the M$ file-handling
> routines are, in some places, so badly designed that a forward-slash
> causes them to *crash*.
> Additionally, since WinCE has no concept of a 'current working
> directory', and hence no _getcwd function, I replaced it with
> # define DIR_SEPERATOR TEXT("\\")
> # define _getcwd(str,len) wcscpy(str,DIR_SEPERATOR);
> Also, the path buffers needed to be #ifdef'ed to allow the use of
> unicode characters, like this:
> # ifdef _WIN32_WCE
>   static wchar_t stdoutPath[MAX_PATH];
>   static wchar_t stderrPath[MAX_PATH];
> # else
>   static char stdoutPath[MAX_PATH];
>   static char stderrPath[MAX_PATH];
> # endif
> #endif
> Additionally, I had to put #ifdef _WIN32_WCE around some NT-specific
> code that the CE compiler threw up on.
> Lastly, for plain-vanillia Win32, io.h is the wrong include file to have
> _getcwd defined;  use direct.h instead.

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