[SDL] cross-compiling SDL for uclinux

huangwei at sunplus.com.cn huangwei at sunplus.com.cn
Sun Jan 5 17:17:01 PST 2003

Mr.Sam Lantinga,

As follows it is the steps that I cross-compiling SDL for uclinux

1.using cross-compiling tool to compile SDL,and using --enable-static
  --disable-esd(I don't know why must use this option,if not ,can not
  be compiled successfully),--disable-shared(this is a puzzle to me ,too),
2.then make ;make install;

then under the directory ../sdl-lib three files (libSDL.a

3.then cross-compile the demos under directory .../test.
  only two files can be compiled successfully(testtypes and testgl);
  the link line is :
  mipsel-linux-ld -d -r -o $@.tmp ../lib/crt0.o $< $(testver_DEPENDENCIES)
  mipsel-linux-ld -T ../elf2flt.ld -Ur -o $@.elf $@.tmp(the files
testver.tmp and
  testver.elf can be generated)
  mipsel-linux-ld -T ../elf2flt.ld -o $@.gdb $@.tmp (when executing
here,the errors will be
  ../elf2flt.ld -p $@.gdb -o $@.flt -r $@.elf


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