[SDL] SDL-1.2.5 + Windows system clock

Michael Le chandlerbing at rogers.com
Sat Jan 4 15:22:01 PST 2003

but I don't understand why, sorry.
I don't know whether or not it was because of 1.2.5 though because I never used 1.2.3 for my programs, and when I was playing my tetris for an hour (heheheh) my system clock went by like 2 mins.  My tetris was in a window as well. I'm running XP...maybe I should try 1.2.3 dll
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  I recently upgraded to using SDL-1.2.5 on Windows, from 1.2.3. I noticed what seems like a weird bug though (I couldn't find anything in the archives for this group on it). The system clock seems to slow down when my app is run in a window. Since the app is using the timer for animation, the whole thing runs in slow-motion. If I watch the system clock accessory, I can actually see it running slower if I watch another clock alongside it. Anyone seen this happen before? I'm running Win2K, fully patched. If I switch back to the 1.2.3 dll, the PC runs normal time while the app is running.

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