[SDL] [DEMO] Minimal world engine in SDL+OpenGL

Daniel Phillips phillips at arcor.de
Thu Jan 16 20:58:01 PST 2003

On Monday 30 December 2002 10:51, Thomas Jarosch wrote:
> Hi!
> Jens Axboe and myself are currently actively developing
> a video driver for dxr3 cards (http://dxr3.sourceforge.net).
> The graphical part of the driver is finished
> (played PrBoom yesterday on my TV :-)),
> though I'm not yet satisfied with the input handling.
> We currently have some stripped-down keyboard handler.
> Is there any other way to handle the keyboard than
> having a handler for every video driver?
> The "fbcon" keyboard-handler contains most of the functionality
> we want, but I think cut'n'pasting code isn't a good idea for
> future maintenance. Is there a generic input handling interface?
> Thanks in advance,
> Thomas

It sounds like you're asking an interesting question, but it's not clear what 
the question is.  Are you asking if there's a generic way to write
a plugin for an SDL app?  Is this supposed to be Linux-only?

And yes, it appears the main developers aren't hanging on the list at the 


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