[SDL] sdl_mixer and sdl_gfx

Robert Diel robert at littlebitlost.com
Tue Jan 14 03:40:01 PST 2003

    A very strange thing has happened to me.  It seems that if I compile
a program with both the SDL_gfx and SDL_mixer libraries installed, I
don't get any sound anymore.  I am currently using SDL_AUDIODEVICE=dsp,
because esd works infrequently for me.  I am wondering if this could be
the problem.  Has anyone tried to use these libraries together, if so
have they run into this same problem.  Any help would be seriously

The versions of stuff I am using:

SDL_gfx 2.0.3
SDL_mixer 1.2.1
SDL_image 1.2.1

oh, on a Linux Red Hat 7.3 system with no kernel upgrade.

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