[SDL] ZXLIB: Object oriented C++ library for 2D games: v0.3 released!

Nick Whitelegg bssnrw at bath.ac.uk
Tue Jan 14 03:26:00 PST 2003


I would like to announce the latest release (0.3) of my ZXLIB
object-oriented C++ library for 2D games, based on SDL. It encourages an
O.O. development of games including classes for Sprites, Creatures,
Monsters, the game Arena and even the Game itself.

Several new features this time, including:

- new MonsterGroup class to manipulate groups of monsters easily
- new Graphic class to represent static graphics
- a number of internal changes, the most significant being a smoother
approach to updating.

Get it at www.hogweed.org/zxlib/


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