[SDL] segfault with SDL_mixer

Jeremy Shane Sanders squirrl at pimpworks.org
Mon Jan 13 19:18:00 PST 2003

Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

To brief you:

	I use SDL_mixer to play approximately 3 wav's and
an ogg file.  I run FreeBSD 4.7 stable.  SDL version 1.2.4
SDL_mixer 1.2.4.  Compliments of the ports.  I use an
Nvida Riva TNT 2 Ultra with the appropriate FreeBSD
Nvidia drivers for OpenGL acceleration.  XFree86 is
the standard version that ships with the 4.7 release of
FreeBSD.  The driver version are the newest out.

So the problem is:
	Whenever I open the audio device,
/* code here */
    fprintf(stderr,"Audio devices failure\n");
/* end code */

Simulataniously utizing OpenGL,
	I am greeted with the opening message ("segfault").  
Yet everything works just fine if I don't open the audio.  
There are no memory leaks nor any faults that I can detect.  
	When I debug the code with gdb (ddd) it appears the
segfault occurs in libGL or more specifically a glxSetContext
call or glBindTexture call depending on where I open the 
audio device from.  That is, the section of code where I 
call it.
	I've searched all over google and can find no simular 
occurance of the problem.  I should add it works flawlessly
under Win32 and Linux.

Suggestions are appreciated.

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