[SDL] sdl mouse movement and xinerama

Jimmy Rosen jimmy.rosen at medkem.gu.se
Sat Jan 11 22:22:01 PST 2003


I tried to find a bug database on the sdl front page, but found none, so 
either I'm blind or it's not there. What's the regular way of tracking 
known bugs or reporting new ones?

I've found some odd behavior in the games Cube and Quake II.
The mouse x axis works fine, but the y axis is totally off. The symptoms 
are that I continually stare at the ground or the sky in cube and q2, 
depending on invert mouse settings.
Chromium however works fine. ... hmmm

I checked the mouse routines in cube and chromium.
cube checks motion.xrel and motion.yrel from the mouse movement events, 
while chromium uses motion.x and motion.y absolute values and makes a 
relative from stored previous values.
Last approach works, first don't.

This problem shows up when xinerama is on, but everything works fine 
without it.

Is this a known bug? What is the problem?

What is the general state of sdl xinerama support?


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