[SDL] display change & screensaver

Ignacio Castaño castanyo at yahoo.es
Thu Jan 9 18:52:01 PST 2003

my SDL apps are crashing when the display resolution changes, that is, when
the user changes the screen resolution while my app is running. Is this a
known problem? Is there any workaround to solve it?

Something similar happens with the screensaver. If the screensaver password
has been enabled, there's no way to bypass it, so the screensaver runs even
if you return 0 to the syscommand screensave message. And if that happens my
app crashes.

Well, the app does not segfault, instead of that, it just stays in an
infinite loop inside bcore or kernel32. This happens on win2k with SDL1.2.5
with the dx driver and using only sw surfaces.

Ignacio Castaño
castanyo at yahoo.es

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