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Maruri Leire LMaruri at ikerlan.es
Wed Jan 8 00:31:01 PST 2003

For WIndows you could use "DirectShow".

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I'm a developer trying to intregrate SDL into my program, but I'm beginning 
to question the feasibility of what I want to do.

Basically, I'm creating a multi-platform application in which I would like 
to display video windows and play MPEGs within them.  From what I 
understand, SDL was targetted for single-window and/or full-screen 
applications, and it was NOT made for creating a simple overlay window 
within a Gtk/Java/MFC window to play a video on (which is exactly what I'm 
trying to do).  I can position the video window just fine in Linux with X 
windows but I can't find out how to position the video window in Windows.  
Also, I would like to show more than one video window in my application at a

time (i.e. There's a video in the background, the user clicks a button to 
load another video, and the new video is previewed in the new top window).

Does SDL have the capability to do this, even with a hack?  Or is there any 
other library which can give me a hardware overlay window in which I can 
show a video in?  I've researched these topics quite extensively and I'm 
wondering if anyone else has given up and just used something else (which is

multi-platform mind you) or just done it with lots of hacks.  Any input will

be appreciated.

-Jeff Hansen
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