[SDL] Clock slowdown with SDL 1.2.5 on Windows

M Link spacejack_org at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 4 15:45:01 PST 2003

I've put together a simple SDL app that demonstrates a
problem I'm experiencing with SDL 1.2.5. I'm finding
that even a simple animated application using SDL will
noticably slow down the system clock on Windows 2000.
This problem did not occur with SDL 1.2.3.

You can get the demo and source here:

Included with the demo is the precompiled version
1.2.5 SDL.dll for Windows from the libsdl.org site. I
also included the 1.2.3 dll so you can easily switch
between them to compare.

I have tested this on one other machine so far, which
did not exhibit this behaviour. So it could be
something with my own machine, or a more recent patch
OS. But it only seems to happen with SDL 1.2.5. And
the system behaves normally while other DirectDraw
games are running.

Maybe some other Windows users would like to run the
test and share the results. You will need a separate
clock or stopwatch to see if the test machine's clock
slows down. The moving bar is supposed to cross the
screen in 60 seconds. Source is included (it's short)
with a makefile for MinGW.

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