[SDL] SDL_zipfile 0.1.0

Ben Stover bstover at ossm.edu
Thu Jan 2 18:54:00 PST 2003

This is just a small zipfile library I put together that uses libz and SDL.  This library can load directories in a zipfile (recursively or non-recursively) into memory, and if the filetype is known (determined by extension), it will automatically convert it into a ready-to-use format.  For instance, if a zipfile contained bitmaps, it would load them and then you could just use the data returned to blit it straight to a surface.  Currently the drivers implemented are text, bitmaps, and sound.  I tried to do music, but SDL_mixer does not have the RWops implemented for the music formats yet, so the code is disabled by default.  There's also a zip2h file utility that converts what's in a zipfile to a header file so you can use predefined macros to access data.

I'm sure there's plenty of small projects that do something similar, but I found nothing and wanted something similar to the Allegro datafile lib.  Feedback is appreciated, as is bugs or feature requests.

Oh and BTW if you want to contact me use bstover at ossm.edu because I'm not subscribed to the mailing list.


~Benjamin Stover

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