Loren Osborn linux_dr at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 30 09:22:00 PDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 03:09, Paolo Gavocanov (cTh) wrote:
> I think I'v encountered a bug in SDL (I use the last cvs version,
> compiled it on my own on VC++7.0).  The bug is very wierd and I really
> don't know how could not been noticed by now.  I have one surface with
> SDL_SRCCOLORKEY | SDL_RLEACCEL set, and it blits ok on the screen,
> then when I get the mouse over it I do SDL_SetAlpha(srf, SDL_SRCALPHA
> | RLEACCEL, 220) to the same surface to get a sort of mouseover
> effect....but when I try to blit this surface on the screen I got an
> exception in SDL.dll, in fact I'v noticed that my surface->pixels
> after the blit was NULL, the buffer was lost somewhere while SDL was
> doing conversion of the buffer for rle acceleration, and it blited the
> converted buffer but my surface->pixels was lost in the proccess....
> If this explanation is not enought I can try to reconstruct the bug
> again and write down the exact location of the bug in SDL, I'v found
> it once with a debug build of SDL.lib after loosing about 4 hours
> tring to find the bug in my sources, I'v made a debug lib of SDL and
> found the bug was in it, but I converted all in my project now not to
> use RLEACCEL and it works fine...

Hmm... if you could reproduce the bug, I'm sure that those responsible
for fixing it would find a stack-trace of the crash/exception very
helpfull... It's pretty hard to find the bug otherwise...

> Anyway sorry for my bad english I'm from Croatia, currently living
> in Moscow so...

Actually, your English seems fine (what do I know, I'm not an English
teacher)... but I think people would appreciate it if you line-wrap
your posts.


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