[SDL] DirectX 7?

Nick Whitelegg bssnrw at bath.ac.uk
Mon Sep 30 09:15:01 PDT 2002

> Or, as an example, should we implement various forms of fake, dither 
> based alpha and that sort of stuff in SDL? Now that the vast majority of 
> us already develop on and for machines with >700 MHz and 32 MB 3D 
> accelerators or better...?

Maybe commercial games programmers have such specs. For people
who write in their spare time, I suspect it's not necessarily
the case. I don't see why I should trash my perfectly functional 300mhz
PII until it breaks, unless someone would care to give me a grand :-)
Indeed, it's better to develop for lower end machines I think. The base
line spec I would go for would be a 32mhz, P166 or thereabouts, running
Linux or Windows 95. As I've said before, PCs tend to have a life of 5 or
6 years old and that would be about the sort of spec you'd get then, if I
remember right.
> Who are we going to force to do all this 486/586 asm hacking? ;-)

I doubt you'd need assembly to write a fast 2D game on a low end Pentium.
On a 300mhz PII, my own C++ game in development (2D, platform type thing, 
featuring pixel sprite collision, 16 bit colour) runs *way* too *fast*
unless forcibly delayed. So I'd imagine such a game would run about right
on a high end 486/low end Pentium. Indeed, for simple 2D games
(Pacman, Space Invaders and the like) one can use C or C++ on even a 20mhz
386. I know, I did :-) In fact, come to think of it, wasn't Doom written
in C? 


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