[SDL] Re: Re[2]: [SDL] DirectX 7?

Rainer Deyke root at rainerdeyke.com
Mon Sep 30 08:41:01 PDT 2002

David Olofson wrote:
> glSDL handles that, although the current implementation has some
> restrictions. This is just a matter of implementing it properly -
> having
> a 2D-over-3D wrapper "tiling" textures transparently is no major
> issue.
> (Not even with filtered scaling enabled, actually, since the wrapper
> knows which tiles belong together.)

But when you start assuming that tile A will *always* be next to tile
B, you cripple the awesome power of tile maps.  You'd need separate
copies of each tile, one for each combination of surrounding tiles.

My current OpenGL renderer uses 'GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE', which causes
jitters but removes the worst edge artifacts.  I've also considered
'GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH', but that interferes with my use of blending.

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