[SDL] DirectX 7?

David Olofson david.olofson at reologica.se
Mon Sep 30 06:57:01 PDT 2002

On Friday 27 September 2002 01:20, David Moffatt wrote:
> I'm not sure if this has been covered but my main gripe with having to
> use 3D API's for 2D games is the stupid texture size limit. It makes
> creating interfaces painful and older machines are not supported. If
> you guys can get around the texture size limit I wouldn't care what API
> was used.

glSDL handles that, although the current implementation has some 
restrictions. This is just a matter of implementing it properly - having 
a 2D-over-3D wrapper "tiling" textures transparently is no major issue. 
(Not even with filtered scaling enabled, actually, since the wrapper 
knows which tiles belong together.)

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