[SDL] 2D rendering poll, status + addition

David Olofson david.olofson at reologica.se
Mon Sep 30 06:10:01 PDT 2002

On Friday 27 September 2002 07:02, Patrick McFarland wrote:
> > That's strange. I have a G400 MAX, and it runs all sorts of insane
> > arcade low resolution modes just fine. I've been playing old arcade
> > games in resolutions like 256x240, 192x200 and the like without
> > problems.
> Er, which driver, which os?

Some Linux 2.2.x versions, some 2.4.x versions; XFree86 3.3.3 (IIRC, 
3.3.6, and at least one 4.1.x setup. I'm quite sure I've had at least 
320x240 running on each combination I've even used, and I've had the G400 
for well over a year.

> Because the driver that comes with XF4 wont
> do lower than 640x480 for my G400 on Linux. mga desk (or whatever that
> tool is) in combination with matrox's drivers for xf4 (the ones that
> come with mgahal.o) dont list below 640x480 for me as well.

Strange. I'm not entirely sure, but I think mine does 320x240 under Win98 
as well. (Or it would be the first Win9x machine I see that won't do 
320x240.) Will check, if I can manage to remember to.

Another idea: did you set your monitor's min and max frequencies 
properly? If you set the maximum vertical refresh rate too high, it's 
quite possible that the monitor will refuse, even if the horizontal 
frequency is rather low.

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