[SDL] SDL and KDevlop

Matt Greer matthew-greer at uiowa.edu
Sun Sep 29 12:39:00 PDT 2002

On Sunday 29 September 2002 14:18, Fredrik persson wrote:
> To day i did my first atempt to comple a SDL project for linux with
> KDevlop... and this is what I got :-(
> The SDL and KDevlop help file on libsdl.org didn't help me. In windows I
> use Dev-C++ without any problems.

Is this KDevelop 2.x? With KDevelop 2.1, that howto is slightly different. 
Rather than adding 

dnl Check for SDL 
         AC_MSG_ERROR([*** SDL version $SDL_VERSION not found!]) 

to configure.in, you have to add it to configure.in.in. That was the only 
change I had to make to get SDL and KDevelop 2.1 to get along. If you add 
that to configure.in, it will eventually get overwritten. Follow the rest of 
the howto to the tee.


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