[SDL] DirectX 7?

Patrick McFarland unknown at panax.com
Sat Sep 28 15:22:01 PDT 2002

On 28-Sep-2002, Neil Griffiths wrote:
> Hi,
> >>Well, I've just used google and searched for "directx8 pentium
> >>problem". Guess what? I found no problems at all. I went through 50
> >>results with not one match for what you're saying. I doubt it a lot.
> >>Besides which, it's immaterial anyway if there's DirectX7 (or
> >>whatever) to fall back on.
> DM> This is true. I use an old P200 for all my programming. Its a Cyrux chip 
> DM> actually and DirectX 8 wont install on it. Its been a long time but it says 
> DM> my processor is too old. If you guys really want to know the exact message 
> DM> I'll try and install it again otherwise you can take my word for it.
> Well, I tested it on my P-90 and it wouldn't install either, so he was
> right - I apologise for not believing you on that issue Patrick. It
> appears that it requires MMX. I'll certainly admit when I'm wrong!

It _does_ work on pmmx? hmm. *writes that down somewhere*

> However, I left my original quote above and I'll say it again:
> "Besides which, it's immaterial anyway if there's DirectX7 (or
> whatever) to fall back on."

Eh, not if you use dx8 specific functions. Im not sure if ms added ddraw
functions in dx8 or not. But, yeah, this whole thread is getting pretty

> I don't take anything else back though on the grounds that I was
> correct and had tested them out. However, I don't want to say anything
> else on the matter because I don't want it to get into a flamewar,
> something I mentioned a while ago and was brought up again recently by
> others. :)
> Neil.
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