[SDL] DirectX 7?

Neil Griffiths n.griffiths at virgin.net
Sat Sep 28 07:24:01 PDT 2002


>>Well, I've just used google and searched for "directx8 pentium
>>problem". Guess what? I found no problems at all. I went through 50
>>results with not one match for what you're saying. I doubt it a lot.
>>Besides which, it's immaterial anyway if there's DirectX7 (or
>>whatever) to fall back on.

DM> This is true. I use an old P200 for all my programming. Its a Cyrux chip 
DM> actually and DirectX 8 wont install on it. Its been a long time but it says 
DM> my processor is too old. If you guys really want to know the exact message 
DM> I'll try and install it again otherwise you can take my word for it.

Well, I tested it on my P-90 and it wouldn't install either, so he was
right - I apologise for not believing you on that issue Patrick. It
appears that it requires MMX. I'll certainly admit when I'm wrong!

However, I left my original quote above and I'll say it again:

"Besides which, it's immaterial anyway if there's DirectX7 (or
whatever) to fall back on."

I don't take anything else back though on the grounds that I was
correct and had tested them out. However, I don't want to say anything
else on the matter because I don't want it to get into a flamewar,
something I mentioned a while ago and was brought up again recently by
others. :)


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