[SDL] SDL / Qtopia question

blachner at gmx.de blachner at gmx.de
Fri Sep 27 03:38:01 PDT 2002

>> Hello,
>> In file SDL_sysvideo.cc from the Qtopia port of the SDL, I found the
>> following:
>> void QT_VideoQuit(_THIS)
>> {
>>     // This is dumb, but if I free this, the app doesn't exit correctly.
>>     // Of course, this will leak memory if init video is done more than
>> once.
>>     // Sucks but such is life.
>>     //    -- David Hedbor
>>     //    delete SDL_Win;
>>     //    SDL_Win = 0;
>>     _this->screen->pixels = NULL;
>> }
>> If someone working at this problem to fix it? Because, at the moment the
>> only way I see to become a SDL application on Qtopia to the background /
>> invisible on screen without stopping it and the normal Qtopia interface
>> front is to quit the SDL video layer. To become it back in front of the
>> screen it can init the SDL video layer again (E.g. when the application
>> becomes a message over a socket to come up in front again).  But for this
>> QT_VideoQuit must work.

>I'm sorry but this mail doesn't make sense. Are you talking about
>putting the SDL application in the background, do some ordinary Qt
>stuff, and then put it back in front? If so, just "iconify" the
>application using SDL_WM_IconifyWindow()...

Yes I want  putting the SDL application in the background, to do some
ordinary Qt
stuff. I think SDL_WM_IconifyWindow() would be a way to do this, but it
isn't implemented for the Qtopia version of the SDL yet. There is also no
function like SDL_WM_MaximizeWindow(), so i can't maximize the SDL application from
the Qtopia apllication, or maybe better explained from the SDL application
itselfs if it get a message from the Qtopia application. But I think it should
be no problem to click the icon in the taskbar instead. But as I said
SDL_WM_IconifyWindow() isn't implemented. I made a quick attempt to implement it in
the SDL, but its more needed than only minimze the main QWidget in the SDL.

If you are interested for which project I need this, look at
http://www.lachner-net.de/index_en.html under Zaurus Software / Frodo / FrodoGUI. Its a C64
emulator with a control programm. Switching between the control program and
the emulator is the biggest problem at the moment, but the emulator work. You
just can't change the settings while the emulator is running, but this is
necessary if you want/must change a C64 disk image. The split into two programs
is the same as on the Frodo Linux PC version. On the PC it works, but there
is a much bigger screen :-)

blachner at gmx.de

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