[SDL] DirectX 7?

Neil Griffiths n.griffiths at virgin.net
Fri Sep 27 03:01:00 PDT 2002


>> Need I mention that Linux is a server OS, not a desktop OS?

NW> It's both. Right now I'm typing this on my home PC, running Linux, which I
NW> don't use as a server :-)

It's not up for debate, it's a server OS whether you use it as a
server or not. :)

When the kernel starts being written with desktop users in mind, I'll
change my opinion, but right now it is still being written for
servers. Therefore my statement stands true.

NW> Surely SDL makes programming games on Linux (and Windows) relatively
NW> easy??? Without it, using raw X or the Windows API, yes it would be
NW> difficult, but it would be difficult on Windows too. 

Yes, but getting fast graphics and decent sound without break-ups and
access to high-accuracy timers - things you really need for games -
are really tough to do in Linux. It's not designed for that. And then
you have issues with threading and so on...

NW> Such egalitarian principles should extend to running on lower end
NW> machines. By lower end I don't mean really over the top, like 386s, but
NW> certainly higher end Pentium Is, and 32 or 64MB memory. Why should I have
NW> to throw away money on upgrading my system because of lazy, inefficient
NW> programming? 

That's not what the FSF are there for though. They're not telling
people what spec the software would run on (which limits the amount of
software that you'd be seeing if they did BTW), they're saying that
software should give people freedom.

I agree in principle with what you're saying - I certainly think that
system specs have gotten out of control and software really doesn't
need the specs that it does, but that's not for the FSF. It's for some
other group...


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