[SDL] DirectX 7?

Patrick McFarland unknown at panax.com
Thu Sep 26 20:24:01 PDT 2002

On 26-Sep-2002, Neil Griffiths wrote:
> Hi,
> NW> By Pentium does this mean Pentium I? They're still around.
> Yes - he's just wrong about it not working. I'm not the only person on
> this list to say that DirectX8 is working fine on a Pentium either.

No, Im not. The zsnes development team (which I am apart of) have gotten 
several "bug reports" about zsnes not working on early pentium systems
because microsoft will not allow dx8 to be installed on a system that old.
This has also been confirmed by several of the windows port developers.

> NW> I can confirm that my Windows OS is Win95. It was still supplied on new
> NW> PCs as recently as summer 1998, and thus is still in common use. Thus I
> NW> would add my vote for Directx8 to be avoided.
> Because you wouldn't want to use OpenGL instead or even drop back to
> GDI? *gasp*
> You're very much in the minority of games players and programmers if
> you still use Windows '95. It's an unsupported OS and, after 7 years, I
> don't have issue with that. But no way should we not take advantage of
> current technologies which can make things a WHOLE lot faster just
> because you haven't upgraded to something newer.
> I'm making the assumption that OpenGL will be a rendering target for
> 2D in SDL, but I think that's a fairly safe assumption to make because
> of David's excellent work on GL_SDL. Therefore it makes absolute sense
> to use DirectX8 as another target, keeping up with the times (and
> taking advantage of enhancements in video card drivers). And for those
> who can't use DirectX8 or OpenGL as 2D rendering targets, there's GDI.

As I said before, its a completely bad idea to display a surface as a texture.
Its slow, and its dumb. If you wanna make a complete opengl rendering pipeline
that uses a texture per sprite and per background, then yeah, you can do that.
But that takes alot of recoding, and still, mesa sucks in software mode, and
microsoft's opengl32.dll (which I heard uses d3d as the rendering backend,
which means software mode in D3D, which also means (iirc) no software mode
in DX8.) 

> Programmers should look to the future and embrace new technologies if
> there are benefits. There are, embrace them - don't cling on to the
> past. That's the problem with the whole x86 architecture, but hey...
> that's going off-topic. :)
> Neil.
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