[SDL] DirectX 7?

paul at theV.net paul at theV.net
Thu Sep 26 18:33:01 PDT 2002

On Fri, Sep 27, 2002 at 01:05:28AM +0100, Neil Griffiths wrote:
> Hi,
> Of course. It's not hard. SDL would just have to split up the texture
> into 256x256 (or whatever) sized textures without your knowledge.
> You'd have your normal surface and wouldn't have to know about it. You
> can look at the DirectGraphics examples I linked to earlier today to
> see how that work or take a look at David's glSDL code.

As I checked last time, I think David's glSDL does not cover all cases
of the surface splitting at the moment, for instance, very large surfaces
seems not supported.

At my work, I've coded some algo that splits an arbitrary surface to its
optimal textures, in other words, it always tend to use the largest texture
possible. Besides, it also assembles small surface pieces together onto
a single texture in a "smart" way to maximize texture usage.

So far it is working like a charm. I'll check if I am allowed to share
the source, but anyway, it isn't difficult stuff, I can post sample
binaries if anybody here is interested to take a look.


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